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Best Reasons To Stop Smoking This Year

Are you currently smoking every single day? You know that this habit is bad for you, but you continue doing it anyway. More than likely, you have seen the reports that have been presented in regard to how lung cancer can develop in people that have been smoking for decades, something that is irreversible, and can lead to death. Perhaps you need a little more motivation in order to pursue your quest of finally kicking the habit, information that we will present here. Let’s look at the best reasons to stop smoking so that you will have a better chance at living a long and healthy life.

Why Quit Smoking?

The most common question that people ask when they are contemplating ending their addiction to cigarettes is why quit smoking. If it doesn’t become fatal for everyone, the odds aren’t exactly in my favor of becoming one of the fatalities. Right? In reality, everyone is a candidate for developing lung cancer, and all of the other ailments that can stem from a lifetime of smoking cigarettes.

Ways To Quit Smoking

There are several ways that you can quit smoking. For instance, you can go to your doctor and get a prescription for certain medications like Chantix which has been shown to have a very high success rate. When people take this pharmaceutical drug, they actually lose their cravings for smoking cigarettes, helping them to quit the habit. Other remedies include using alternatives such as nicotine patches and nicotine gum. The reason that we are addicted to cigarettes is because the nicotine that is in the tobacco. By replacing the nicotine using the patches or gum, it is possible for us to finally quit. For others, it’s harder to lose the entire habit which means we become addicted to the actual habit itself. We like taking the cigarettes out, lighting them, and taking a drag, something that is also habit forming. That’s why using electronic cigarettes has been very successful for many people that have successfully quit.

What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are very similar to regular cigarettes in size and shape, and the way that you use them in order to smoke. The primary difference is that they are electrical devices that have two components that allow you to get nicotine into your system. There is the atomizer or vaporizer on the one end, which looks like the white part of the cigarette where the tobacco traditionally is. The other part is the actual flavor cartridge where the e-liquid is contained. When you inhale, the atomizer vaporizes the liquid in the cartridge, allowing you to inhale water vapor and nicotine. The other benefit of using these is that it also helps people replace the habit of smoking because they are so similar to regular cigarettes. Not only do they get nicotine, they are able to replicate the actual habit of smoking, giving you the best of both worlds. Since all you are inhaling is water vapor and nicotine, along with your favorite flavoring, there are no carcinogens that can cause cancer in your body.

Stop Smoking Today

In conclusion, if you have asked why quit smoking, you now know the reasons why you should stop smoking tobacco based cigarettes. Although this may be more difficult for some people opposed to others, with all of the options that are available, it is definitely a possibility for some. You should try nicotine patches or gum to see how those work, and if you can’t stop smoking, electronic cigarettes will give you an excellent chance to end your addiction to tobacco. Hopefully this information will motivate you to at least look at the different options that are out there, and try one of the remedies for stopping your smoking habit. Whether you decide to use a pharmaceutical drug, nicotine patches or gum, or try electronic cigarettes which are actually half the price of regular cigarettes, you’ll be moving in a positive direction toward ending your smoking habit.